We bought the car from an eBay ad in May of 2010 and it was a month later that we got to touch it when Lloyd flew to Denver, CO to pick it up.   He drove it to Sharol’s mom’s home in central Kansas and since it drove so nice he cancelled his flight back to Florida and decided to drive it back instead.   It had 53,799 miles on the odometer when we got it and put just over 2,000 more miles on it when he finally got back to Jacksonville.   We are the 4th owner.   It is the closest to Lloyd’s original 1968 GTO that we have been able to find.  The original one was all one color (April Gold), had parchment interior and factory air.  Lloyd bought his original car new in 1967 and we dated in it while in college together.  
We have added air conditioning, front disc brakes, rally gauges, new plug wires, new tires and repainted the endura bumper, trunk and Rally II wheels.  The interior is still original and shows only slight wear.  We take it to weekly Cruise-Ins and car shows around Jacksonville and if we can find a 2-series rear end with some 2.56 or 2.78 gears, we would drive it further away but gasoline costs are limiting that now.
The other antique car we own is a 1924 Model T Ford that Lloyd has had since the late 1950’s.   His family is the 2nd owner of the car.  It is just like it was when he drove it back then as it is unrestored.   We just replace necessary parts that break and drive it on tours and to shows around the area.   We average driving it about 750 miles a year.

Lloyd & Sharol Hoffman’s 1968 GTO