2016 events
Dixie at the Amelia Cars & Coffee 2016 Saturday March 12, 2016, 
 Amelia Island Florida.         Click HERE for pictures

  Yet again mother nature pulls off a miracle (more likely the big guy was looking out for us) as the weather service was saying cloudy all day with a chance of rain. But around 10am the sun came out big time. It hit around 80 and we all ran for our sunscreen. If you're reading this from up north in March freezing or shoveling snow, sorry, but you should have moved south. 

  The drive up wasn't as picturesque this year due to the clouds and fog, but still a blast to see a line this long of Pontiacs. Check some of the pictures. The hosts at the Cars & Coffee were their usual welcoming selves, thanking us and saying good morning all the way in, just a nice group of folks whom I assume are all volunteers. We befuddled them just a tad when Gary leading the way said "parking for 11 together please, and make it a nice spot please".

  The exotics were out as usual, with a wow display of neon Lamborghinis. The new Ford GT was on display in its screaming yellow bling. To support it, they had an early Ford GT and 3 full race Ford GTs as well. Corvettes, BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes and Ferraris were everywhere. And yes, you could test drive a new Jaguar or Lamborghini. Wonder what the insurance reserve was for that.

  Then, over near the edge of where they would parade through the grand stands later that same day, a grouping of Pontiacs, classic American muscle. Yes, there were some Camaros, Mopars and more than a few mustangs, but not in one place and as not tightly grouped like the Pontiacs. The spectator size seemed yet larger than last year, you could look across the golf course (yes, we're parked right on the fairway) and not see the cars on the other side for the see of bodies. And yes, more than a few times it was overheard..."wow, look at all the Pontiacs".  

  Conversation abounded with many folks likely there to visit the European mass of cars, but they just couldn't pass up talking to all of us about our cars. Remember, this isn't a local grocery store cruise-in, many of these spectators are car aficionados and had a good knowledge of all cars, so praise from this group was highly appreciated.

  Quite a few of our club business cards were taken, who knows, maybe a few closet muscle car folks were mixed in, and maybe they will transition from the Darkside over to the side of the Force.

April 16, 2016

Fruit Cove Baptist Church Show,   Click HERE for pictures

Another ominous beginning to the day weatherwise. Forecasts all week were for not only rain for Saturday, but thunderstorms. And again (see October club 2015 show) after a tiny spit of rain about 7am, it cleared until after lunch, and even then, just a brief sprinkle until about 2:30 when the show was ending.

 Author had heard about this show but I'd never attended. It draws over 300 cars, and this year they actually put a limit on it of 300 cars, so pre-registration was a key, and the club signed accordingly, I believe 20 cars from the club made it, another 3 just pulled in to park with us and there are about 4 out in the general parking. With the pending weather, they moved the show up to the paved church parking which ended up being a blessing. Their directive is "If you want to park together you need to arrive together", and the 20 of us did...but... there just wasn't that kind of grouped space available. Someone noticed a section out towards the entrance and we made a beeline for it. It ended up being a great spot, all the spectators had to walk right through us to get to the rest of the show. It is a unique show in that your entry fee also gets you a t-shirt, not that surprising you say? okay how about it also includes lunch? dogs, burgers, pork sandwiches, water/soda...and grilled corn on the cob. And its a local show. Pretty amazing.

 The show itself had a very broad range of cars, and the various 55-57 Chevy's seemed to all take an award (we'll need the club to pool our monies next year and buy a token early Chevy so we can score something). There were home builts, blowers, turbos, VW bus', and even a SEMA show winner. Sadly, even with our mass of cars, no one could seem to hit on an award...Charlie won some car cleaner as a door prize, that's about it. I smell conspiracy theory.

 Some newer members made it that we'd only been in touch with by email, Boyd Nicholson and Don Sasser. It was good to put a face with a name, hoping to see them now at all the upcoming events. Mike and June Daugherty brought their incredible 59 Bonneville down from Georgia (that car didn't take an award of some kind? really?). We even had a borrowed entry, a corvette guy buddy of Matt Wales (apologies, didn't get his name) ended up borrowing and bringing Matt Wales' 72 Formula. Most of the rest are the usual suspects. You want me to list them? really? its sort of long? okay: Gary, Lou, Charlie, Mike, Mike, Mike, Lee, Larry, Ron, Pat, Gene, Jac, Eric, Steve, Doug, Don, Terry, Andy, Sean and driver X with Matt Wales'. Now "if you and your IM team accept the mission Mr Phelps, you are to put a last name and car to the list"...have fun. Even a few members stopped by without their ride; Richard and Lloyd came by and hung out.

 It was a great time, and we hadn't had this many cars together since our annual club show last October, so we got to do a lot of catching up with everyone.

 Big thanks to all that attended...others, try to make the events, as you can see, they're a "big time".

Saturday May 28, 2016 - Historic Springfield / Main Street Cruise.   Click HERE for pictures.

Well, glad to see so many faces make it out, I know not everyone can make all the events and it was a holiday weekend, but you missed a good one Saturday night.

We hit the place pretty early as usual, 3:30, and 8-10th was already filling, so we grabbed the KFC parking lot (KFC if you're reading this, BIG thanks. We're asking everyone in the club to stop in and purchase something). Throwing some orange cones here and there, saving spots with chairs...just standing in some until others arrived. As you can see by the photos, we had the lot, the sidewalk, the side street and its grass. We had about 18 cars, some that we just flagged in to park with us (note the nice silver late model GTO and that is a white Indy Turbo Pace Car TransAm you see there.)  

The club crowd was big, and the spectators seemed to be there in larger numbers than usual. The cruise as a whole was ...um.. can I say "fiesty"? (sp?), with a good number of burn'outs and more header cut outs than normal.

We'll keep you posted, watch Facebook and the website for the next event.
Musil Drive in Movie Event 2016    Click HERE for pictures.

On May 21st the club had our outdoor “drive-in” movie and dinner at the Musil residence. It was a great day with great weather. The movie screen was set up in the backyard with the beautiful Musil horses grazing behind the screen. They also opened the swimming pool to those who wanted to swim. 

 We had a great turn out. Several new club members attended the event and quickly became our new family members. The club member’s cars were all parked in front of the screen which made for an awesome sight. The classic rides at the drive-in movie gave us all a feeling of stepping back in time. The weather was perfect and the rain that was forecast for the day was nowhere to be found.

 One of the best things about our club is that we have some very talented chefs among us. Everybody brought a food item and Andy Musil’s pulled pork was the headliner. Appetizers, salads, casseroles, and an assortment of desserts left nobody hungry. There were plenty of leftovers at the end of the party.

 Once the socializing and dining was complete, a tour of club member’s classic cars was given by Gary Harrison. Gary was able to provide everyone with intimate knowledge of each ride (without using a cheat sheet). The location of the Musil residence made a great backdrop for photos.

 As the shadows lengthened and the sun finally set, it was time to start the movie. American Graffiti was played on the outdoor screen. We enjoyed watching while listening to the famous soundtrack under the stars.

 The club would like to thank the Musils for generously hosting this event at their house. This event is becoming a tradition, and trust me, if they host it again, you don’t want to miss it. Nancy and I look forward to it every year. Thank you Musil Family!
Outback Crabshack dinner cruise July 31st. 2016           Click HERE for pictures.

For a change, the band of merry men and women ventured out on a Sunday. The event: the club's dinner caravan july 31 to the Outback Crabshack south of Jacksonville. Afterwards, we would head over to Lloyd and Charol's "estate" for dessert (hey, if your property can hold a separate garage this big, its an "estate").

We got together over in south Mandarin and headed down SR13 (San Jose blvd) about 30 minutes or so. A very pretty road along the river, winding, just a few traffic lights. Yes, as usual, we stayed close enough together that for the most part folks got a free show when trying to come out of a side street as they had to wait for 13? cars to file past (check the pictures). I didn't see any complaining.

While we had called ahead and Sunday was not a busy day for them, we pretty much took up the entire center section of the restaurant. The staff was great, coming out to check the cars, then busting butt to serve a crowd this size... maybe 25 total.

Yes, it was a bit toasty again in Jacksonville, high 90s, and those few of w/o AC were a bit melted, but, still a great time.

We headed over to Lloyd's for dessert and hung out in the "man cave " in his garage a while.. I mean...c'mon... AC, table and sofa, fridge, bathroom, car stuff... um what's the need for a house?

Was thinking a good caption for that one shot from out by the street looking in at Lloyd's house with the cars circled might be (borrowing from the VISA ad), "What's in your driveway?"

Great time... hadn't seen some of the folks in a while. Next up... Drags at green cove? North Jax Baptist show in September, our show 11/5... a few mainstreet cruises.. stay tuned.​

11/05/16 Annual "Fall Classic" Pontiac-Oakland-GMC Truck Show

A day in the life of a car show.                                                 Click HERE for Pictures

Another chamber of commerce day was about to break early in the morning of Saturday November 5, 2016 in northern Florida, just outside Jacksonville. It is pre-dawn, probably 6:30am and about 10 members are packing their cars all over Jacksonville and in a few surrounding towns. They're starting their trek to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island. The event? The Dixie Chapter of POCI annual "Fall Classic" car show for Pontiacs, Oaklands and GMC trucks. 

Amelia Island is fairly famous for professional tennis tournaments years ago, and holds the Ritz Carlton 5-star hotel. If you take the scenic Hecksher drive there, you pass the Mayport Ferry and wind around the edge of the Atlantic ocean. On the northwestern corner of the island is historic Fernandina Beach. The shops have retained their historic fronts, the oak trees have not been cut down, and the main street winds around these huge trees in places. A local favorite is the huge crab festival annually. The drive is spectacular as the sun rises off to your right.

Its about 7:30am, and member trucks carrying equipment and supplies and member show cars are arriving. The sun is up but still below the tree line and behind the buildings. Its gorgeous...only going to be in the 70s, members will have their energy longer as the real madness is yet to come. With 50+ preregistered cars and another 50 expected...getting 100 Pontiacs into the right classes is no small feat. Plus, the magic 8-ball I used to predict how many spaces I need for each class...never...ever...ever quite works out.  

We scramble to find the local police officer assigned to please try and find the cross street blockades, as we've got all of Centre Street permitted for the show and need non show traffic controlled. 5-8 more set-up members arrive and are spread across the area. It is a full 2 hours to get the canopies up, tables with all their supplies, signs out on the roads, the class areas marked off. Members are scurrying in many directions. The DJ is in place and gives us some tunes to break the silence. The streets are still very light in pedestrian and locals traffic, calm, quiet. Around 10 or 11, that calm and quiet will be gone for the rest of the day. A few cars in the Race/Fx/Modified class arrive and the open headers shake the storefront windows and gets everyone looking.  

A member is chosen for each block and given the lifeblood of starting the show...the walkie-talkies. Guests, as always, start arriving prior to the 9am advertised show opening time. Registration is hardest hit by the early arrivals. Still setting up, they direct the cars to the staging area just across the street to hang out for a few more minutes. Meanwhile down at the Show Tent, midway down the main street, there are many tables. Setup includes awards, door prizes, clothing, club information...and greeting the cars sent down from Registration to help ensure the participants know approximately what block they'll be parking in. Walkie-talkies bark constantly notifying the next block of the cars coming their way.

Its 10am and the frenzy of parking cars is in full swing. Its too late, but we already notice the 61-67 GTO/Lemans/Tempest class being across the street from the Fullsize 60-and-up class just aren't going to fit. The call goes out to Ron and Tim down between 2nd and 3rd street to "just park 'em together best you can". By now we're on crosswalks and handicap sidewalk access areas.

By 11am the tourists, locals and shoppers are all arriving, the streets are crowded with a sea of humanity, walking back and forth, and in-between the show cars...its an incredible site.  

Its another hour or two of controlled madness. Non-member entries are here in big numbers, and stop by the Show Tent to shoot the breeze and buy some club or general Pontiac merchandise. Door prizes and trivia kicks off around noon. Spectator voting slips are being handed out to any and all walking by. Locals and tourists are excited to get to participate in the show, especially the younger ones.

The crushing effort of ballot counting begins around 12:30-1 as well. There are 12 classes and Best-of-Show to get counted. The ballot team has a table set up with a laptop and the "tick mark" logging is at full speed.

New friends are made, some guests join the club pushing the local club to well over 60 members, the biggest it has ever been since its inception in 1994. Pontiacs, while in danger of going extinct as they are no longer manufactured...still thrive out there in great numbers. The quality of many of the remaining cars is outstanding. All day long it is heard "hey, I had one just like that......" which is the standard kick-off to most discussions with a car's owner. A close second is "hey, I can see the motor" by the younger enthusiasts. 

Its approaching 2pm, vote counting is at a frantic pace. Door prizes continue to flow out of the Club Tent area. Members are seen congregating in the corners of the tents resting in chairs pulling on a bottle of cold water. We send the word out to the farthest reaches of the show, way down between Front and 2nd streets, for folks to grab their chairs and start heading up to the Club Tent area.

Its 2:30 and a final big push of door prizes is done, now on to the awards. We have some special items this year, Andy Musil brought a pro football, an autographed one from his collection, to use in a silent auction. Also, a 50% off up to $1000 in services from a few major auto companies. This one will benefit the club and a charity. Pat Murphy of Landstar and Dennis Harrison also received Sponsors awards. Long distance (though a lot pretty far away) goes to Mark Cronk from Melbourne Fl. (Last year a couple from Ohio made a vacation out of it so that was a no brained on distance).

Again this year the Pontiac Indian was the theme of the awards. Quite a bit more unique than the traditional plastic car on top of a plastic column. With Best of Show being an 18" red rendition of Chief Pontiac. Much applause ensues as the awards for each class are given out. With a group this size of Pontiac knowledgeable people, they realize the time and effort to keep these things running and looking good. Lots of respect for one another abounds through the group.... even if I was 0 for 20 guessing the years of the "big" cars as I greeted them coming by the tent in the morning, the owners didn't bust me too bad.

With the awards complete The member and non-member show attendees start to head back to their cars, pack up their chairs, and head out.

A band of 10 or so stay behind to tear everything down.

Then, seemingly in an instant, a blink of an eye, a heartbeat, the cars are all gone. Until the locals take over all the parking spaces, the street is eerily empty and quiet like early this morning. I stand in the middle, looking up and down the street. I just smile... it was a heck of a show. And we have the pictures, memories, and stories to prove it.  

Time for me to head out, my son drives the overloaded truck, I hop in my car which I haven't seen all day. Warm it up for a minute. Some local youngster with a big grin gives me that famous circular motion with his finger. He may not know what he's looking at but he loves the sound. What can I do?, its instinct.... I blow the tires off for him. Hey, who wants to grow up anyway.

 If you didn't make it...you missed "a big time". Hope to see you next year.

Show winners:

Sponsor Awards
Pat Murphy – Landstar
Andy Musil Investments
Dennis Harrison

Long Distance
Mark Cronk – Melbourne FL

Best in Show: Troy Allison 1971 GTO Judge

Class A: 67-69 Firebird/TA
1st – Matt Clarke - 1968 Firebird 400 HO
2ndt – Charlie Sauls - 1967 firebird convertible

Class B: 70-81 Firebird/TA
1st – Bill Shain - 1980 TransAm
2nd – Gary Harrison - 1973 Super Duty TA
 3rd – Lou Ferreira - 1977 TransAm SE

Class C: 82-02 Firebird/TA
1st – Matt Morrell - 1999 TransAm
2nd – Cecil Loflin - 1999 Anniversary TA
3rd – David Dunnmon - 2001 Trans Am

Class D: 61-67 GTO/Lemans/Tempest
1st – David Quinn - 1967 GTO
2nd – Robert Bennett - 1967 GTO convertible
3rd – Richard Capon - 1964 GTO

Class E: 68-77 GTO/Lemans/Tempest
1st – Rick Klimek - 1970 GTO
2nd - Tim & Debbie Brown - 1970 GTO
3rd – Doug Cooley - 1969 Tempest

Class F: Pre 1960s fullsize 
1st – Mike Jole - 1959 Bonneville
2nd – Mike Daugherty - 1959 Bonneville

Class G: 1960 and up fullsize
1st – Bud & Carol Schiefer - 1960 Catalina
2nd – Mike Bruck - 1963 Catalina
3rd – Michael Murchinson - 1966 Catalina

Class H: Late Model thru 2003
1st - Robbie Barneau - 1993 Sunbird convertible
2nd – Nathaniel Cooley - 1972 Ventura

Class J: Survivor
1st – John Fischer - 1987 TransAm
2nd – Beth Harrison - 1961 Catalina

Class K: Modified/FX
1st – Mark Cronk - 1978 Firebird Formula
2nd – John Rougas - 1992 TransAm

Class L: Modern (04-10)
1st – Ed Casacia - 2008 G8-GT
2nd – Partice Baker - 2009 G8-GT

Class M: GMC
1st – No entries this year. Gene preregistered but broke.